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California Alternate Assessments (CAA)
1 Percent Threshold Data

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires local educational agencies (LEAs) to notify the California Department of Education (CDE) if they expect to exceed 1 percent of their total assessed student population taking alternate assessments and to provide the justification for surpassing that threshold. While the CDE is required to both notify the U.S. Secretary of Education and to post this information publicly, there are no formal repercussions to either the LEAs or the state. Overall, the intent of the ESSA regulations is to help address concerns about disproportionality related to potentially overidentifying students for alternate assessments.

The following survey results spreadsheets list the LEAs that have self-reported that they may exceed the 1 percent threshold before administering the alternate assessments. Caution should be used when interpreting these self-reported results, as the LEAs reported here may not have exceeded the 1 percent threshold after the administration was completed. Results are available in alphabetical order by LEA name or by county/district/school code.



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