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Test Results for:State of California

CDS Code: 00-00000-0000000

Select a grade to view historical data

Selecting a grade will bring up the data for that grade from the current year, as well as data for the preceding grade from the previous administration in a side-by-side view. For example, if grade four is selected, then 2017 results for grade four and 2016 results for grade three will appear. Please note that the data is populating at the entity level, so the students whose results are shown for the previous year may not be the exact same group as the students whose data is being shown for the current year.
Score ranges for each level are different for each grade, and the standards for the next grade are higher than those of the previous grade. As a result, students may need a higher overall score to remain in the same achievement level as the previous year. To understand overall performance, consider both the score and the achievement level.

 Select a Grade and Group to View Historical Data