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PLEASE NOTE: Achievement level percentages in the same subject can be compared within grade levels, with adjacent grades, and from one year to another. Note that schools made up of differing grade levels should be compared with caution.

For instructions on how to use this page, please look at the directions on the side of the page or visit This link will open in a new windowCompare Test Results Instructions.

    Click to this button to compare the result of
    California Statewide Test Results
    County, District, or School Search Test Results

    Enter the name of the county, district, or school to see options. You can also search by zip code or County-District-School (CDS) code.


    1. To add the California Statewide Test Results to the comparison, select [Add to Comparison].
    2. To compare counties, districts, or schools, add them to the comparison queue via the drop-down menus or the keyword search function. Select the entity and then select [Add to Comparison].

      To add a County, District, or School using the keyword search function, type the letters or numbers of the entity name, zip code, or County-District-School (CDS) code in the Keyword field and then select [Keyword Search].

      In the search results list, add the entities to the comparison by selecting the checkbox in the column on the far right.

      To remove this selection, select the X next to the entity’s name under “# out of 3 results selected for comparison” at the top of the page. Please note that either two or three entities must be in the comparison queue for a successful query.

    3. The selected entities are listed at the top of the page. To remove a selection, select the X next to the entity’s name under “# out of 3 results selected for comparison.” When all selections are made, ensure that either two or three entities are in the comparison queue, and then select Compare Now.
    For more information about your child’s Student Score report and what it means, please visit the Test Score Guide Web site.